HSR ’17: Elliot Eton, Eleni Apostolatos, Felipe Flores & Hanson Tam



Westbrook Headshot.jpg


Sophie Westbrook is a senior in Currier House concentrating in Integrative Biology. She enjoys agricultural and population genetics with a focus on animal behavior.



Leon Yang (bio and photo coming soon!)






Alex Zapién is a senior in Cabot House concentrating in physics and mathematics. He is interested in the intersection of government and science.





Michael Xie is a junior in Leverett House concentrating in Chemistry and Physics. He is interested in the application of quantitative and computational methods to understand living systems.





Jeongmin Lee is a senior in Lowell house concentrating in Chemistry. He is interested in how different fields of science can contribute to each other.





Rebecca Hao is a junior. She loves thinking about the intersection between language, the brain, and technology.




Associate Editors




Una Choi is a senior in Kirkland House studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Economics. She enjoys exploring synthetic biology and bacteria.





Jessica Moore is a sophomore in Greenough with plans on concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. She is interested in gene therapy and stem cell research.





Priya Amin is a senior in Pforzheimer House pursuing a joint degree with Visual and Environmental Studies and History and Science. She is interested in the intersection between film, science fiction, and science education.





Connie Cai is a sophomore living in Grays planning on studying on Chemical and Physical Biology with a secondary in History and Science. She is interested in epigenetics and personalized medicine.



Associate Designers

Coming Soon!



Julia Canick ’18     Michelle Koh ’21     Connie Cai ’21     Kelvin Li ’21

William Bryk ’19     Priya Amin ’19     Michael Xie ’20     Jeongmin Lee ’19

Jessica Moore ’21     Sandip Nirmel ’21



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