Optogenetics: A New Frontier

by Jen Guidera Neuroscientists often try to correlate observable behavior with activity in the brain. This is a grand undertaking, with the human brain containing an estimated 86 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses (9)(10). Given the size and complexity of the brain, you may be surprised to learn that one of the most fruitful … Continue reading Optogenetics: A New Frontier


Psychoactive Fungi: The World Before and After Psilocybin

by Tristan Wang In 1960, on a summer day in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Harvard psychology professor Timothy Leary and several friends ingested a bowlful of psilocybin mushrooms, an experience that Leary later described as “the deepest religious experience of my life.” Upon returning to Harvard, Leary and his associate, Richard Alpert, immediately formed the “Harvard Psilocybin … Continue reading Psychoactive Fungi: The World Before and After Psilocybin

Politics of HIV/AIDS and the Singing Brain

by Quang Nguyen Globally, over 35 million people were living with HIV in 2012 (1). In addition to severe physical and immunological deterioration associated with the progression of the illness, HIV/AIDS also creates a significant neuropsychological burden on those infected and their social networks. This additional suffering contributes to the decreases in medical adherence, increases … Continue reading Politics of HIV/AIDS and the Singing Brain

International Collegiate Science Journal (ICSJ)

We are very excited to announce a new initiative that HSR is a founding member of: the International Collegiate Science Journal (ICSJ). Together with 8 other universities, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, Berkeley, Rice, WashU, Cambridge, and Oxford, we are launching this international group of science journals that have come together to form a collaborative journal and organization … Continue reading International Collegiate Science Journal (ICSJ)